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Insulation is the solution for every homeowners who are looking toward saving costs from their own heating and cooling apliances. The basic goal of this is to help individuals and homeowners save money while maintaining a comfortable living. There are numerous types of insulation services provided by iInsulate, your reliable insulation installation company, that will fit in each different and specific needs. Basically, an existing home insulation requirement will differ from a newly constructed one. Here are some of Insulation Contractor Services that are available to you including rebates to reduce your cost on the installation.


Why Your Attic is Dysfunctional

Attic Insulation

 Poorly insulated attics will typically allow the heat to pass through, which changes the household temperature. The case will be similar in winter where head-interior air will naturally rise by convection and will escape to the attic thru several air leaks. The heat loss through a cold ceiling usually makes rooms underneath the attic to feel even colder. The problem inverses during hot summer season where attic temperature typically rises up to 140 degrees, and the heat directly moves in the living space. Attic insulation installers have the know-how and expertise in assessing the requirement of your attic to provide a desirable and comfortable temperature at any time of the day. To effectively deliver maximum comfort, there are variety of attic insulation options offered including cellulose, fiberglass, mineral wool, rigid foam and spray foam. Each have different characteristic, opt for something that meets your needs and preferences.


Crawl Space Insulation

 This type of insulation is specifically designed to the area of your home with space where you will more likely to “crawl”. Basically, newly constructed buildings often either install the wrong type of insulation or worse omit the crawl space installation. This insulation is often overlooked not knowing that crawl spaces also plays critical role in maintaining a comfortable household all year round. If a crawl space is poorly insulated, there is a great possibility that it will be excessively damp, allowing the growth or wood rot and mold. Crawl Space Insulation basically needs specified materials or type of insulation because not all will work best on it. Crawl space insulation companies can effectively deliver such service at maximum quality.


Water heater blanket insulation

 Blankets are specifically designed to offer additional insulation to storage tanks for water heating and deliver benefits similar to other insulation types. Depending on specific application, having an additional insulation can reap significant money and energy savings in the long run. More energy-efficient tanks that basically come well-equipped with essential internal insulation don’t really works for long-term savings. But installing a hot-water heater blanket on the tank that has insufficient internal insulation can generally provide bigger savings in terms or energy as well as money.

Insulation blankets are often available in kits, which sometimes even comes with all the materials and tools needed for installation. A detailed instruction for installation is also included to guide do-it-yourself enthusiast. To effectively install this type of insulation, just carefully follow every direction from the manufacturer.  With numerous options, there is no reason to not find something that fits your budget and your preferences.

Other options available is hot water pipe insulation, foundation insulation (inside and outside) full basement ceiling insulation and more. At iInsulate we will insulate your home and bring it up to codes or standards, thus reducing your heating and cooling costs. Your cost? Not much because of the available rebates, it’s lots less than you would imagine.

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