Available Energy Rebates for Maximum Savings

 An average IOWA household spends a half or more of its yearly energy bills on their heating and cooling, a significant number but can dramatically be educed through making simple insulation improvements and energy-saving weatherization. To maximize savings, aside from these techniques, homeowners can also opt for energy rebates in IOWA.

Insulation Savings vs Costs

Insulation Rebates

There are two primary companies which can provide you significant information regarding energy-savings related programs as well as tips- the MidAmerican Energy Company and Alliant Energy.

Attic Insulation Rebates

MidAmerican company provides IOWA residents programs through Energy advantage initiative. Numerous different prescriptive rebates are available for the energy efficient equipment together with numerous heating and cooling materials, such as  insulation rebates for the attic, crawl spaces, basement ceiling and walls, pipe insulation, hot water heater insulation blankets or heating and cooling equipment, attic ventilation equipment,  lightning, flexible speed drives,  equipment for commercial kitchen, motors and windows.

Alliant Energy Rebates Iowa

 Alliant Energy, on the other hand, also offers rebates for a variety of energy-efficient equipment such as HVAC, lighting, water heating, equipment for data centers, frequency drives, equipment for food service, windows and doors, as well as other appliances including refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, and washers.

Alliant energy rebates IOWA offers a program on custom rebates which offers financial incentives and technical support for either installing multiple energy-efficient equipment, or using such kind of equipment for projects in process improvement, and other measures that are not covered by the prescriptive rebates.

Furthermore, Alliant offers a Time of day Pricing for individuals conducting business in the area. A program for residential and commercial specifically aims to help customers acquire significantly lower electric bills especially during off-peak period or hours. Generally, customers who want to maximize their electric savings can apply for this rebates.

Additionally, there are federal energy rebates for federal customers, homeowners or business entities whose utilities have supply contracts through the GSA such as MidAmerican, Black Hills, and Atmos energy corporation, are capable and allowed to take advantage of the third party energy-efficiency projects referred as UESCs (Utility Energy Services Contracts).

There are lots of other available rebates and incentives and other energy-efficient equipment related program which encourages residents to help the society conserve energy as well as lessen pollution through using equipment that are specifically developed and innovated to reduce energy consumption, not just will they help environment but also benefit from reducing heating and cooling costs without reducing the level of comfort.

This means home owners have no reason for not choosing equipment that uses less energy. The rebates itself is enough thing for doing so. Aside from the fact that you are already saving the environment from harmful chemicals emitted by numerous home appliances and equipment, and reducing the consumption for limited resources, you can also save significant amount of money in the long run. The excess money that you allocate for high electric bills, can now be used in more important matters.

Availing all the possible energy rebates available is one of the ideal solution for individuals who are looking for ways to cut their electric bills. To further understand the available programs and how to apply for rebates, you can easily visit the website of the said companies as well as other IOWA energy efficiency and renewable energy office. IOWA energy rebates has lot more to offer. For a Summary of the available rebates in Iowa, click here and download the pdf.

iInsulate understands the rebates available and the process to get all of the available rebates for your project. Contact us 515-575-9507 for a FREE consultation on what you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your home or business and capitalize on the energy rebates available to you.



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