Energy Audits – How to Save Money on Heating and Cooling Costs

Home Energy Usage Analysis 

Heating and cooling systems are  a must to some homeowners living in the areas with extreme weather. This system neutralizes temperature or brings a balance heat and cold to maintain a household comfortable all year round whatever the season is. Heating and cooling systems are known as the most energy consuming appliance in the house. Running these appliances on a daily basis, therefore, will increase energy usage which in turn increases utility bills. Numerous homeowners are continuously finding alternatives or ways to save money in the use of this comfort system. The truth is, latest technology innovations and inventions have brought about new  tools, equipment, appliances and strategies against this highly energy and money consuming equipment of the past. Here are some of those:

 Insulation and Home Sealing

Reducing the volume of air that leaks inside and out of a house is a cost-effective way of cutting costs of heating and cooling while increasing comfort with improve durability, and creating healthier indoor surrounding. In terms of Home sealing, there are two primary effective and simple techniques that are commonly used – the weather-stripping and caulking. Both of which are used to generally seal openings, cracks between stationary components of the house and other moving components.

Insulation, on the other hand, is a securing parts of the home including the attic, walls, crawl spaces, etc. from any outdoor elements that causes temperature discomfort in a house. To maximize efficiency, it is a must to secure every part of your home and install efficient insulation.

 Energy Efficient heating and cooling systems

If you are likely to buy heating and cooling equipment, be sure to find and opt for energy-efficient products. If you don’t know how to determine this type of materials, you can ask your contractor and they surely can give you energy fact-sheets for varying models, designs, and types to help you in comparing energy usage. If you are serious on saving energy, you have to opt for Energy star appliances that have more than 14.5 SEER (Seasonal Energy efficient Ratio).

 Energy Efficient LED Light bulbs

Electric lights consume approximately 25% of the average household energy budget. Light Emitting Diodes or LED bulbs have transformed energy efficient lighting. This bulbs are known for its longer lifespan basically 10x longer than a compact fluorescent and is absolutely durable. Compare to incandescent bulbs, this also has lower or doesn’t cause built-up of heat, thereby is helpful in reducing costs of air conditioning at home or even at offices.


Apply for all Energy Rebates

You can find numerous rebates to the often high cost of energy efficient materials and equipment. Thru applying to all energy rebates available on a federal and state level, you will not just save money from the service of the energy-efficient equipment but will also save money from the upfront cost of purchase.  For the available rebates in Iowa, click here to download.

To know exactly what you need, or what step you need to take to cut high heating and cooling cost, it will help to ask an energy audit in identifying all the possible ways your household waste money and energy. Contact iInsulate 515-575-9507, we can assist you with an energy audit and help you determine where your home needs energy improvements.

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