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An attic can be the main reason why your cooling and heating system might not work well.  Generally, a poor insulated attic encourages uncomfortable indoor temperature. During winter, heated-interior air typically rises by convection and passes all through the leaks which results to colder temperatures in areas directly under that area. The process goes the same during hotter summer days. This is why attics need special attention in terms of insulation. Basically, there are numerous Attic Insulation Companies in Des Moines that can provide the best services that you may need.


Attic Insulation Companies

Most companies that install attic insulation  offer the following attic insulation services at reasonable prices. There are lots of companies who offer the same service. Just take note that if you want to have excellent insulation, it is a must to pick the best insulation service provider, like iInsulate of Des Moines Iowa.

Foam Insulation

What is foam insulation? This is a modern alternative insulation material for fiberglass. This basically makes use of SPF or Spray Polyurethane Foam which is great for a continuous insulation. SPF has three main types: High density (closed cell), Medium density and Low density (open cell), each with different uses. Know-how foam insulation contractors typically guide clients in choosing type of foam that best suits their attics. If you are living in Des Moines, there are numerous contractors that offer such service. iInsulate does not offer foam insulation because in many cases when you are looking to upgrade your insulation in an existing home or business, it is not cost effective. Foam insulation is the most costly of all insulation types with closed cell (high density) foam being the most expensive.


Cellulose Dense Pack InsulationCellulose insulation

Cellulose may look like a simple ground-up paper but is another smart alternative to fiberglass. It provides efficient, green, non-toxic and cost-effective thermal solution. This looks like a ground-up paper because 80% of this is made of recycled, post-consumer newsprint. And because it is less likely contains chemicals, there is a great chance of health security as well as reduced fire occurrences. Although it may seem weak on appearance, this material is approved by building codes. In fact it is even consider fire-safe compared to fiberglass. Lots of promising benefits can be reaped through using this materials in insulation. If you like to integrate this at your home, there are insulating companies who specifically offers such service. This includes iInsulate and we use green fiber cellulose insulation


Fiberglass insulation

Fiberglass is used in variety of purposes. It is also a popular insulation material because it does not just deliver excellent insulation and may reduce energy used at homes around 40%. No need to further explain it because you probably have seen it in numerous establishments and even other equipment. If you prefer to opt for this type of insulation for your attic, there are numerous specific contractors who can provide such service. iInsulate offers AttiCat blown in fiberglass insulation, and you can download the blown in product specifications here. If your situation is best suited for batt insulation, then iInsulate offers EcoTouch fiberglass insulation, and you can download the specifications for fiberglass batt insulation here.


Green Fiber Insulation

This can be considered as an absolute environment friendly insulation material. Made from a 100% recycled paper and even carries a Class-A rating, this definitely delivers superior sound and thermal insulation. Green Fiber is one of the “go to” choices in improving your attic efficiency. The specifications for Green Fiber Cellulose can be downloaded here.


Our experienced installers will work with you on determining the best and most cost effective attic insulation product to meet your insulation goals and that best suit your budget. Just a reminder that the Iowa Insulation Rebates are substantial and will reduce your costs to be pennies on the dollar. We assist you in getting all of these rebates during this process. To download all of the Iowa Insulation Rebates, click here.  These will not last forever, so take advantage of this offer soon.

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